Aerial Drone Operation Overview

Dangerous Substance Control Ltd offers a wide range of both business to business and business to consumer services in the use of (UAS) Unmanned Aerial Systems.
Whether, it’s a special occasion or event, Industrial application or emergency response, DSC-Ltd offer the very best in drone aerial Photography and Videography using a variety of 3 differing sizes of drone, combined with a range of sophisticated gimballed cameras, lenses and filters.
Each operational application can be different, landscaping, zoom imagery of specific features during inspection processes or thermal photography, heat efficiency, fire analysis or search and rescue, DSC-Ltd are equipped for all applications.

Operating nationwide - we offer a service that can stretch to most parts of the country.

Safety First - DSC-Ltd always put the safety of people first, employees, contractors and the public alike, and our drone operation is no different.
As with any aircraft, all Pilots are appropriately trained and competent, working to strict risk assessments, operations manuals and permissions data. Insurance - is provided appropriate to the risk matrix, with £5 million minimum Public Liability as standard, higher levels of insurance cover can be provided.

CAA Restrictions – All commercial drone operations are limited in this country to a maximum operational limit of 120 metres (400 ft) ceiling height and 500 metres (1600 ft) horizontally visual line of sight.
Other airspace flight restriction may also be applicable depending on the location, such as airport proximity, power stations, high frequency outputs etc. Data obtained by Drone operations are also covered by the data protection act.

All DSC-Ltd drones are fitted with obstacle avoidance systems which is fine when you are only travelling at a few mph, but the drone manufacturers DJI have now taking drone safety to a completely the new level by implementing ADS-B technology, the latest onboard technology in “aircraft collision avoidance” into the Matrice 200 V2 series, operated by DSC-Ltd.

The AirSense system receives data from any approaching aircraft fitted with a ADS-B transceiver immediately informs the operator of approaching aircraft giving precise location, flight path, speed and altitude. The system then calculates the risk of collision, sending a series of warnings to the operator, allowing ample time for landing or a reduction in altitude of the drone to a safe distance.

Safety is further enhanced with the installation of both top and bottom airframe strobe beacons, allowing the UAS to be sighted over a substantially increased distance.

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At DSC-Ltd our committed to safety remains our number one priority in all aspects of our business.

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