Aerial Videography

Aerial videography in the work environment, can prove to be particularly profitable in addition to providing real footage of developing situations. The Inspire 2 drone has become a film industry standard, due to the unique operating ability to rotate the video camera through a full uninterrupted 360 degrees.

Whether you need a company promotional video, need to monitor and record a live developing situation, such as a rising flood waters, fire incident or some other uncontrollable event, aerial videography, can provide data from a very unique perspective not usually visible from the ground.

DSC-Ltd use the latest DJI range of UAS’s including the lightweight - Phantom 4 Pro series, the high speed - Inspire 2 – the chosen film industry aerial platform and the latest commercial - Matrice 200 V2 series aircraft.

When equipped with either the P4P – 20mega pixel 4k lightweight system, the X5S high quality digital, the Z30 inspection Zoom camera or the XT2 Thermal imaging system, you are ensured the highest quality equipment choice for every application.

Promotions – A marketing video which shows the scale of your operation, can set your business profile way above your competition, whether shot during the day or night, aerial videography can add a new dimension and perspective to your website or corporate presentations.

Estate Agency – Commercial estate overviews, showing access and egress to local amenities and road networks. For the commercial agent, videography allows for quick and easy assessment of roof’s structures, outlying areas of commercial property without the need for the potential client to visit. Properties can be viewed quickly and easy without the need to leave the comfort of the office.

Coupled with strategic surveys such as new build project developments or indeed older premise inspections – cutter surveys, fragile roof or chimney inspections, thermal efficiency the video can provide so much more, providing the ability of see, study and assess any premise in minutes rather than hours.

Flood Insurance Assessments – in the field, a drone can cover a much larger area, faster and easier than any person on foot, providing precise critical information about what is happening upstream, the potential to detect debris in the rising water before it has the potential to damage bridges, sluice gates or flood defences. Often debris cannot be seen at ground level, but is far more visible from the air.

Thermal Assessments – The ability to witness and streamed live footage of any developing disaster has proven to be invaluable in many search and rescue operations. Saving lives of people and livestock in a number one priority for any person, and by providing early warning impending risk from a developing heath fire, or rising flood waters, is something that cannot be quantified.

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