Aerial Fire Damage Survey

40% of all companies involved in a fire become bankrupt 18% in year 1 and 22% in year 2 following a fire.

Most because of a loss of customers, equipment, key personnel, delayed insurance claims or an in-ability to get safe access to a site, to start simply working again.

In many instances a drone fitted with the correct photography zoom lens, thermal camera or even gas detection equipment, can help make a fast, visual assessment from a perspective no other method can provide, all whilst ensuring no persons at placed at risk.

Fire torched buildings have dark interior, making them difficult to both move around inside and very difficult to assess, but when fitted with twin Lume Cube daylight 5600K spotlights, each of which can be regulated to provide 750 LUX at a one metre distance, then no task is too difficult.

We specialise in this very specific niche market field, which ensures you the customer, get the very best of our years of experience, in assisting to understand why and where the fire may have started, what helped to propagate the fire and understand the consequences Such data can be extremely useful when working with both the authorities and insurance company after the event. By using field mapping photography and thermal imaging, lessons can be learnt to helps avoid the mistake from re-occurring.

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