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Environmental Legislation

All Pollution Prevention Guidelines

PPG 1 General Guide to the Prevention of Pollution
A basic introduction to pollution prevention, with signposts to other PPGs and publications.
PPG 1 General guide to the prevention of pollution (Adobe PDF - 95.8KB)

NEW PPG 2 Above Ground Oil Storage tanks
For above ground oil storage tanks, excluding oil refineries and distribution depots.
NEW PPG 2 Above ground oil storage tanks (Adobe PDF - 276KB)

PPG 3 Use and Design of Oil Separators in Surface Water Drainage Systems
For identifying where an oil separator is required and, if so, what size and type of separator is appropriate.
PPG 3 Use and design of oil separators in surface water drainage systems (Adobe PDF - 78.6KB)

PPG 4 Treatment and Disposal of Sewage where no Foul Sewer is available
For selecting the correct sewage disposal, treatment and disposal options, and maintenance and legal requirements.
PPG 4 Treatment and disposal of sewage where no foul sewer is available (Adobe PDF - 244KB)

PPG 5 Works and Maintenance in or near Water
For construction or maintenance works near, in, or over water.
PPG 5 Works and maintenance in or near water (Adobe PDF - 894KB)

PPG 6 Working at Construction and Demolition Sites
For the construction and demolition industry.
PPG 6 Working at construction and demolition sites (Adobe PDF - 8.9MB)

PPG 7 Refuelling Facilities
For delivery, storage and dispensing of fuels at liquid fuel refuelling facilities of all sizes.
PPG 7 Refuelling facilities (Adobe PDF - 664KB)
Also see:
Petrol stations and other fuel dispensing facilities involving underground storage tanks.
Defra Groundwater Protection Code
Code of practice for the owners and operators of underground storage tanks (and pipelines), 2006
SEPA: Underground storage tanks for liquid hydrocarbons

PPG 8 Safe Storage and Disposal of used Oils
For storing and disposing of used oils. Applies to a single engine oil change and large industrial users.
PPG 8 Safe storage and disposal of used oils (Adobe PDF - 76KB)

Defra Code of Practice for using Plant Protection Products
PPG 9 replaced by Defra Code of Practice (Adobe PDF - 16.1 KB)

PPG 10 has been withdrawn. For highways depots pollution prevention, read our guidance on waste management, safe operating of road sweepers/gully cleaners and fuelling and fuel storage for road transport operations.

PPG 12 has been withdrawn. For guidance on preventing pollution from sheep dipping, you should follow:

Defra Groundwater Protection Code
Use and Disposal of Sheep Dip
Defra Groundwater Protection Code

Sheep Dipping Code of Practice for Scottish Farmers
For Crofters and Contractors
Sheep Dipping Code of Practice for Scottish Farmers (Adobe PDF - 264KB)

PPG 13 Vehicle Washing and Cleaning
For washing and cleaning any vehicle using automatic wash systems, high pressure or steam cleaners and washing by hand.
PPG 13 Vehicle washing and cleaning (Adobe PDF - 175KB)

PPG14 has been withdrawn. For guidance on preventing pollution from marinas and crafts, see:

British Marine Federation
Environmental Code of Practice for marine businesses, sailing clubs and training centres The Green Blue: Self-Assessment Environmental Toolkit
British Marine Federation

PPG17 has been withdrawn. For guidance on preventing pollution from dairies and other milk handling operations, please see our guidance on waste management and what causes water pollution. The Environment Agency's environmental management toolkit for the food and drink industry may help you save money, comply with the law and environmental permits and protect the environment.

Environment Agency
Environmental management toolkit for the food and drink industry
Environment Agency

PPG 18 Managing Fire Water and Major Spillages
For identifying equipment and techniques available to prevent damage to the water environment caused by fires and major spillages.
PPG 18 Managing fire water and major spillages (Adobe PDF - 131KB)

PPG 19 has been withdrawn. For garage and vehicle service centre pollution prevention, read our guidance on waste management and vehicle repair and maintenance.

PPG 20 Dewatering Underground Ducts and Chambers
For dewatering underground ducts and inspection chambers.
PPG 20 Dewatering underground ducts and chambers (Adobe PDF - 115KB)

PPG 21 Pollution Incident Response Planning
For producing emergency pollution incident response plans to deal with accidents, spillages and fires
PPG 21 Pollution incident response planning (Adobe PDF - 318KB)

PPG 22 Incident Response - Dealing with Spills
How to deal with spills and reduce their impact.
PPG 22 Incident response - dealing with spills (Adobe PDF - 549KB)

PPG 23 Maintenance of Structures
PPG 23 Maintenance of structures replaced by PPG 5 (Adobe PDF - 894KB)
Replaced by PPG 5 Works and Maintenance in or near water.

PPG 24 has been withdrawn. For stables, kennels and catteries pollution prevention, read our guidance on
water pollution
, waste management and animal boarding and care.

PPG 25 has been withdrawn. For hospital and health care establishment pollution prevention, read our guidance on waste management, swimming pools and healthcare.

PPG 26 Drums and intermediate bulk containers
For collecting, storing, distributing and handling drums and intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) containing oil, chemicals or potentially polluting substances.
PPG 26 Drums and intermediate bulk containers (Adobe PDF - 351KB)

PPG 27 Installation, Decommissioning and Removal of Underground Storage Tanks
For installing, removing and decommissioning all underground storage tanks (USTs), including those containing petroleum, diesel, fuel oil, aviation fuel, waste oil, domestic heating oil and other potentially polluting materials such as organic solvents.
PPG 27 Installation, decommissioning and removal of underground storage tanks (Adobe PDF - 95.3KB)

PPG 28 Controlled Burn
For using controlled burns as part of a fire fighting strategy to prevent or reduce damage to the environment.
PPG 28 Controlled burn (Adobe PDF - 240KB)

In England and Wales, use the Environment Agency's 10-point checklist of essential environmental management practices:
Is your site right? (Adobe PDF - 57.1 KB)