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Explosion in a Bosley Woodmill

17/07/2015 - 09:11

Attendance: 23 fire engines - 12 from Cheshire, 9 from Greater Manchester, 1 from Derbyshire and 1 from Staffordshire. There are also 2 aerial appliances, the command and control unit, high volume pump, heavy rescue unit and the environmental protection unit in attendance.

Fire and rescue crews have been called to a report of an explosion at a Wood Mill in Bosley

Bosley wood mill explosion


Update at 10:30

There are 15 fire engines at the scene dealing with the aftermath of two explosions. It is believed at this stage that four people are trapped.

Update at 10:57

The incident involves the collapse of a four storey building. There is a fully developed fire in several areas.

Firefighters are facing a dangerous situation as they cannot rule out further explosions.

People are advised to avoid the area.

Explosion at wood mill


Update at 11:40

Fire crews continue to tackle the fire. The Ambulance Service have confirmed that two people have been taken to hospital. 15 fire engines remain at the scene. Three Urban Search and Rescue Teams have also been called to assist with the rescue efforts.

Update 12:50

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus continue to fight the fire with water jets. Four people remain missing and so search and rescue efforts are continuing. People in the area are reminded to keep their doors and windows shut as there is a lot of smoke in the area.

Update 15:00

Fire crews and other emergency services continue to work tirelessly to deal with the incident at Wood Flour Mills.

Confirmation has been recieved that there were 35 people who have been directly affected by the incident. Four have been treated at the scene for breathing difficulties and a further four have been taken to hospital for treatment – one of those is in a serious condition.

A further four people remain unaccounted for. A safety cordon has been set up around the scene and nearby Bollin Mill Road has been shut.

It is likely that fire crews will remain at the scene for some time.

Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service’s Chief Fire Officer, Paul Hancock, said: “This is a difficult and demanding incident. There are a number of hazards that make it particularly dangerous for those attempting to tackle the blaze. However, crews and our colleagues from the other emergency services continue to work tirelessly to both bring the fire under control and find the four that are missing. We urge everyone in the area to keep their windows and doors shut as there continues to be a lot of smoke in the area.”

Update 18:00

There remains a large multi-agency team at the scene. It looks likely that our fire crews will need to remain there over the weekend. 
The four people remain missing. Firefighters are working tirelessly to ensure that search and rescue teams can safely access the site. 


Video footage from the scene of an explosion and fire in Bosley (new window, Movie 6111KB)

Video footage of firefighters at the incident in Bosley (new window, Movie 6457KB)