Underwater Drone Overview.

Dangerous Substance Control Ltd offers a wide range of both business to business and business to consumer services in the use of (UAS) Unmanned Arial systems and (UUV) Unmanned Underwater Vehicles.

Utilizing one of the most advanced and manoeuvrable underwater drones available from the sub aqua industry today, DSC-Ltd is providing its customers with a unique range of underwater inspection photography and videography services, without the expense and safety risks posed by traditional dive services.

Manoeuvrability is uncompromised by using a fully integrated six thruster propulsion system, which allows the UUV to enter some of the tightest of applications with relative ease.

Safety First – remains the principle policy in respect to all DSC-Ltd operations, always putting the safety of people first, with our underwater drone operations being of no exception.

Piloting an underwater UUV is very similar in many respects to that of an aerial drone, controls on pitch, yaw and roll, need to be equally precise and co-ordinated, which makes the transition from air to water relatively easy for the accomplished drone pilot.

Such a skill quickly eliminates the risks posed when employing people to work at depths of up to 100 metres, skills that can be extremely challenging for the most experienced deep-water divers, with limitations on time and the body. This is where the UUV technology comes into its own, which is limited in travel, only by a 200 metre - 80kg breaking force tether.

With uninterrupted dive times of up to 6 hours without a battery recharge, to depths of 100 metres, the underwater drone, offers significant reductions against risk and costs associated with any standard dive.

However, for those in the industry, it does not replace those dive services, but simply enhances them, makes them more cost effective. Underwater site recons and preliminary inspections can be conducted without the immediate need of the experienced diver, providing invaluable information before they need to commit to the water.

Grab Arm
Grab Arm

With a range of tools, the UUV can also conduct certain underwater tasks, such as the recovery of equipment or objects, using its 100 newton force - grab arm and 80kgf tether, or even just act as a simple and quick guide to the required point of interest for the dive team, by tethering itself to an appropriate obstacle under the water.

Applications include.

Aqua Farming.

Since over 40% of seafood is grown or cultivated artificially, aquatic farming has become a reliable and efficient solution for a majority of populations, rather than the additional efforts of capturing fish out in the wild.
UUV operation provides a safe and stable solution for farmers to monitor their livestock. Compared with traditional methods, where farmers would need to make the dives themselves, underwater robots are simple to operate and ready to go anytime, with less manpower required.

Underwater Inspections.
Inspections of hydro-electric power plants, reservoirs and canals are graded as high-risk assignments. Moreover, these structures may also be affected by weather conditions, further increasing the risks.

The UUV robot is highly suitable for many basic tasks such as shipyard and local boat marina hull inspections, providing a safe, ready-to-go and efficient solution for hull check-ups, propeller condition inspections and much more. Our UUV services can provide you with a one-stop solution - that is safe, convenient and cost-effective - for frequent maintenance of these large and vital structures.

Search and Rescue
Our UUV can provide a safe, efficient and portable solution for various underwater search and rescue operations. Equipped with beneficial tools such as a UHD camera, ultra-wide-angle lens, lumen LED lights, robotic arms, sonar system and many more attachments and enhancements.

Operating nationwide - we offer a service that can stretch to most parts of the country.