Underwater Drone Videography

Observing aquatic life in real-time had only been accessible through scuba diving and snorkelling and in addition, the behaviours of aquatic life in their natural habitat are always hard to observe.

By utilising UUV videography the operator has a rare opportunity to research and study various behaviours of ocean life - such as breeding, mating, hunting, and much more - all while at the comfort of staying on land or in a vessel on the surface of the water.

The UUV videography capabilities are equally impressive as with standard photography, offering both standard video film speeds of 30 frames per second, or slow motion at up to 240 frames per second, all available via HDMI output.

Light is never an issue as the latest UUV model boasts, 4000 lumens of light, provided by 2 x 2000 LED variable lights settings, the UUV ensures even the darkest of waters can be easily navigated and filmed.

The quality of the build also means operations can be conducted between -10 to 60-degree C.