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The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) DSEAR Fire Hazard

The dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres regulations 2002 is very specific, in that it requires employers working with flammable or explosive substances to prevent danger by ensuring all reasonable precautions are taken to eliminate the danger at the source. Where possible, as with COSHH, dangerous substances should be substituted with less dangerous materials, but where this is not possible, then every effort must be made to remove the potential of an explosive atmosphere by employing the correct methods of ventilation and by removing all sources of ignition within the working environment.

Dangerous substances include flammable, highly flammable and extremely flammable liquids, gases, LPG, oxidisers and explosive dusts. There are many different types of substance that will create such explosive atmospheres in use within the workplace. It is extremely important to study MSDS data for all chemicals in use and in particular, their respective in-ability to mix.

The Risk Assessment will identify these hazards and from the information obtained, it will be possible to determine the corrective action required to eliminate the dangers.

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