Everything that an employee will need to know in order to not only protect themselves and their colleagues from a fire should one start in the workplace, it will also teach the ways that employees can be made aware of fire risk and implement fire prevention measures.
Often it is the incorrect selection of Fire Fighting media that helps to spread a fire instead of extinguishing it. Whilst employees should not be expected to tackle fires, employers must also remember that extinguishers are required and often used to assist in the “Means of Escape”.
Understanding what can happen in a fire when chemicals temperatures exceed their respective flashpoint, boiling point or indeed auto-ignition, is critical to personal safety. The RRFSO 2005, clearly details that where a company used dangerous substances, then often, normal fire safety precaution may NOT be Suitable or Sufficient

Course content:

• What is fire, Triangle of Combustion, Pyrolysis, Flashover & Backdraught

• Human behaviour – Fight or flight.

• What to do when you discover a fire / Actions to take Evacuation Plans & Escape routes

• How you can prevent fire

• Types of and the correct use of fire extinguishers

Courses are charged based on the number of the persons attending and required venue location - Prices available on request.

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